Fondazione Franceschi Franceschi Foundation ONLUS

For psychological therapy, research and training

Registered Private Association by decree of the President of the Region: n° 4629, from 28/09/2009

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Scientific research of social importance


Scientific Research


Amongst the activities carried out by the Foundation, research is an area of prime interest. The purpose of this undertaking is to obtain specific answers that deepen understanding and can then be put into practice. Our research mainly concerns psychology and its application, principally clinical practice and its various services in the health and treatment promotion sectors.

At present, the Foundation is very interested in the development of psychological-clinical treatment protocols for different psychological problems, particularly addiction disorders, and therapy assessment in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

How is the research undertaken?

It is generally descriptive and based on previous research. The research theory that we prefer for this purpose is the one outlined by Kurt Lewin. It assumes as the main element of interest the continuous development of the research process in the area of practical application. This can be carried out in various ways: with the experimental method (inductive and deductive), by in depth examination of specific literature (meta-analysis).

The Franceschi Foundation aims for a concrete application of scientific understanding to resolve psychological problems, so it mainly uses the observation method. Through video and audio recordings of the therapy session, communication and the therapeutic process are studied in detail. This allows us to verify if what was hypothesized in the assessment protocol works or not and when necessary correct that which failed to bring about the desired result.