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Diary of a mutual path: the process of change in a therapeutic group

What are the ways and the time-frame in which cognitive and behavioral change can occur and, as a consequence, be demonstrated in the quality of life of someone who participates in group therapy? The purpose of this enquiry is twofold. The effectiveness of the group therapy is evaluated, demonstrating the “changes” that individuals experience during the process and at the same time the process is described by the person who experiences a complete change. The individual evaluation tests used at the beginning and at the conclusion of the therapeutic process are used to verify the effectiveness of the therapy. Systematic observation, a written account of each group encounter and the psychological tests in two different phases will be the methods used to identify and record the various stages of change experienced. The therapy process could then be standardized if the results of such an analysis are positive. In any case, the experience gained will be a starting point for further interventions with the group. Furthermore, sharing with the scientific community will stimulate discussion and progress relative to psychological therapy.