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For psychological therapy, research and training

Registered Private Association by decree of the President of the Region: n° 4629, from 28/09/2009

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Project in the development stage


Clinical psychology research laboratory

In the research laboratory we are engaged in studying therapeutic interaction and developing intervention models that bring about change. The aim is to create intervention protocols that are evermore incisive in creating a solid scientific base to resolve different psychological problems.

The research comes mainly from observing the different clinical cases that come to the foundation. From this the therapist-client dynamics are studied:

  • the therapeutic relationship,
  • the type of communication,
  • the types of intervention used.

A systematic and rigorous study in this field improves the quality of outcomes and benefits the people who ask for our help.

At the moment we are studying the clinical intervention process of the people who have successfully finished a rehabilitation process for addiction with weekly group therapy and periodic dialogue.

The individual sessions are video-recorded which allows us to examine, across a range of observations, the changes that have occurred.