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Libro di Terapia Breve Centrata sulla Soluzione

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As If_Brief contributions to Brief Therapy


As If

Brief contributions to Brief Therapy

Edited by Andrea Leonardi, Ferdinand Wolf, Sonia Scavelli

Libro di Terapia Breve Centrata sulla Soluzione, a cura della Fondazione Franceschi Onlus



For just a moment all the excellent contributors to As If Psychotherapy reminded me of the essence of my own A Practitioner’s Guide to Mirroring Hands Guide approach published with our colleague Richard Hill only a year ago. Then, it immediately dawned on me that we are all really writing a version of “As If” Psychotherapy from our own point of view! A generation ago everyone seemed to be writing their own personal view of what was then called “The Cognitive-Behavioral” point of view.” Now, the significance of our work seems to have changed to The Process of Imagination!

What a truly profound change it is to admit and accept Imagination as the essence of all modern psychotherapies!

We all acknowledge the famous quote attributed to Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Were we only supposed to applied this to his physics and not everyday life where so-called “reality” which seems to be a hell of a lot more real than imagination? We thought that reality and imagination were supposed to be different – they were opposites! More careful consideration, however, suggests that even the opposites are pointing to potential realities that we can consciously choose for our own better lives.

Where does all of this new focus on the word “imagination” come from? We believe it comes from a more generalized recognition of the role of imagination in quantum physics. Quantum, or particle physics, deals with the seemingly so tiny that they can quantify it but could only imagine what it was because they never know its true essence by sight. So how does the physicist denote or name them? Physics makes up whimsical names for entities and forces they could not actually see such as “quarks, leptons, instantons, charm and gluons.”

From this deepening perspective forward-looking psychotherapists today are opening their clients to the best they could imagine themselves to be. Imagination is becoming the real path of conscious choice in all the “As If” psychotherapies.

Ernest and Kathryn Rossi
Los Osos, California, USA


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